My teaching style is heavily influenced by my scholarship in algebraic combinatorics and my personality. As a reseacher, I am highly collaborative; many of my insights and accomplishments have come from group dsicussion. But equally important is productive failure—describing and understanding those ideas that don’t work. As I approach teaching, I often look to recreate my experiences in respectful and productive research envirnoments. After years of experiencing my own math-anxiety, I frame my class architecture around building trust and community.

Courses Taught

At DePaul University

Term Number Course
Spring 2021 MAT 262 Calculus III
Spring 2021 MAT 303 Theory of Numbers
Winter 2021 MAT 398 Senior Capstone Seminar
Winter 2021 MAT 620 Geometry
Fall 2020 MAT 397 Mathematical Pedagogy: Theory and Practice
Fall 2020 MAT 680 Real Analysis
Spring 2020 MAT 215 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
Fall 2019 MAT 150 Calculus I
Fall 2019 MAT 320 Geometry I

At Other Institutions

Years Courses
2017 – 2019 Northeastern University, Boston, MA
  (3) Combinatorial Mathematics (for math majors)
  (2) Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning (for math majors)
  (1) Calculus II (for science and engineering majors)
2014 – 2016 North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
  (3) Finite Mathematics
  (2) Calculus I (for science and engineering majors)
  (1) Calculus I (for life and management sciences)